We are a like-minded group of professionals from various business and management backgrounds, who got together to form a book discussion group. This book group is distinctive, in the sense that we wanted to provide a forum where we could meet with the authors of business and management books to discuss their books with them.

We felt that it would encourage practising managers to read and appreciate new and innovative ideas in business and management books, and to be able to challenge authors with new and radical ideas drawn from books discussed.


Membership is by subscription, and we welcome practising managers from all spheres, who enjoy reading and are willing to participate in an open discussion, share their ideas, and network with other managers.  We meet quarterly to discuss a book chosen by members on a current management or business topic they would like to discuss, or an author whose book they would like to read.  Some books are recommended by publishers with whom we work.  


New members are welcome, but numbers are limited! We want to maintain the intimacy of a small group so that all can participate in the discussions, which are held quarterly. Full members pay an annual subscription, non-members can pay for a single attendance. Please register if you would like to attend the discussions.


  • Organizing for the New Normal: Prepare Your Company for the Journey of Continuous Disruption
  • 26/10/2021
  • Constantinos C. Markides

  • The CSNet Book Discussion Group will meet on Tuesday 26 October 2021, at 6.00pm to discuss, “Organizing for the New Normal: prepare your company for the journey of continuous disruption”, by Constantinos C. Markides, who will be joining us to discuss his book.

    Constantinos C. Markides is Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship at London Business School, and the current Program Director of the executive education course, “Exploiting Disruption in a Digital World”.  His book “Organizing for the New Normal” talks about preparing organizations to respond to continuous and overlapping disruptions, and at the same time making ready to engage in continuous radical change.

    These situations require different skills and strategies from those that served in the past; thus, the book explores some of the things that leaders can do to succeed in this current climate. Constantinos will lead the discussion and take questions about his book.

    You are invited to join in this discussion and share your ideas at our next event on Tuesday 26 October 2021, at 6.00 pm. The book: “Organizing for the New Normal” is necessary for the discussion.  To purchase see details below:

    Publisher: Kogan Page, 2021, 184pp.  Pbk, £19.99.  ISBN 978-1398600799.  Available from KP – https://www.koganpage.com/product/organizing-for-the-new-normal-9781398600799 and other booksellers.     If you would like to attend, please register on the link provided.

    The Meeting on Tuesday 26 October 2021, 6.00 – 7.30 pm, will be conducted on Zoom, with joining details sent direct to each participant.

    Attendance is free to members; non-members pay £5.00.  Please note numbers are limited.

  • Organizing for the New Normal: Prepare Your Company for the Journey of Continuous Disruption