• Access to authors whose books we discuss
  • Access to Members Only area
  • Networking and making new business contacts
  • Friendly and welcoming group
  • Opportunity to enrich your role as a manager
  • Opportunity to exchange ideas and knowledge with other members from different backgrounds
  • Opportunity to make suggestions on books to discuss for future meetings


  • “The group is very welcoming, and discussions are always lively and insightful, thanks to the active contributions of colleagues, and the invaluable opportunity to share thoughts and ask questions directly to authors of the books”
  • “It is a real privilege to discuss the books with the authors and explore different aspects of the content in a relaxed setting”
  • “A unique opportunity to meet authors face to face in an intimate setting, where real and extended dialogue is possible”
  • “The discussions are always stimulating, particularly as the authors add greater insight into their book’s content, plus glimpses of their ideas for future books”
  • “It is very rewarding when an author returns a second time to discuss a new book developed from their original idea”
  • “Discussions are a real learning experience”


  • “It was a real pleasure meeting you all, and thank you for an enjoyable evening”
  • “Thanks for arranging the discussion. I enjoyed it”
  • “Thank you so much for inviting me. It was a most enjoyable evening …… we could have continued for hours”
  • “I really enjoyed meeting your Group, and it was super to get all the constructive feedback”
  • “My appearance at the Book Discussion led to exciting opportunities, new contacts, and a big difference to my career opportunities”
  • “We thoroughly enjoyed the evening and really felt it was a stimulating discussion around the book, and the wider subject of burnout. What a super group as well!”
  • “I enjoyed our conversation very much and it was a pleasure. I wish the Group well. It is a great idea. I hope too that our paths cross again”
  • “Thank you for your hospitality – it was a pleasure meeting you all, and I thoroughly enjoyed the discussion. I found it very stimulating”
  • “It’s always a pleasure to talk on the subject and the fact that it was a lively discussion makes it all the more enjoyable. The feedback on the book specifically is always useful too”