Building a Culture of Innovation: a practical framework for placing innovation at the core of your business

Author Chris Beswick, Derek Bishop, Jo Geraghty
Book discussed – 2 May 2017
Review by – Nanette Young

The authors of this book have experience of implementing innovation in organisations from a range of business perspectives, including change management, customer service and product design and this is revealed throughout this excellent book.

Utilising the key six-stage framework model for building a culture of innovation, each section of the book provides practical approaches to innovation in an organisation, supported by well-researched evidence of successful and productive innovation. Each chapter of the book finishes with the useful “Key insights” which identify the core aspects of the chapter topic.

Starting with “Why?” the authors articulate the drivers of change and the need for innovation, and provide an innovation maturity model to assist leaders in “understanding where you are today”.

Chapter 3 provides leadership guidance to ensure that a “true culture of innovation permeates every aspect of the organisation”.

Further chapters provide approaches to design the future innovative organisation by ensuring that values translate into relevant competences, and illustrating how to communicate and engage all partners in the culture of innovation.

The book concludes with insights into ensuring that the culture of innovation is sustainable and forms the DNA of the organisation.

In summary, “Building a Culture of Innovation” is a thoughtful and professionally written guide to the complexity of maintaining organisational success in an ever changing environment.

Thoroughly recommended!

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