Leadership in Complexity and Change: for a world in constant motion. [De Gruyter Transformative Thinking and Practice of Leadership and its Development, edited by Bernd Vogel, Vol 1]

Author – Sharon Varney Book discussed – 8 February 2022 Review by – Mae Keary A well-researched book on complexity theory, which has practical applications for leaders at all levels in organisations.  The main aims of the book have been achieved, which are to address problems of leadership and change, and to use insights from complexity…

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Organizing for the New Normal: Prepare Your Company for the Journey of Continuous Disruption

Author – Constantinos C Markides Book discussed – 26 October 2021 Review by – Mae Keary Disruptions are the new normal, and if organisations are going to survive and thrive, they need to adapt and change to new ways of working.  This is the thrust of Constantinos Markides book, in which he addresses the uniqueness of…

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Ego: Get Over Yourself and Lead

Author – Mary Gregory Review by – Lisa Preuveneers Gregory’s background as an executive coach came through very strongly in the book; this was particularly interesting as many of our group operate as executive coaches. A whole chapter is devoted to how coaching helps interpersonal relationships, as participants become aware of the role their own…

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