Elites: Can you rise to the top without losing your soul?

Author – Douglas Board

Book discussed – 5 April 2022

Review by – Nanette Young

The author of this book, Douglas Board, takes us on a journey to the top of organisations, employing the experiences of others and his own, to provide perceptive and enlightening views of the route to power and influence.

With a main heading of a “Survival Guide”, the book provides advice on the route to the top of many organisations and facilitates the reader’s reflection at each stage. On the journey you also meet several individuals who add to the journey experience and diversity of perspective.

Part One “A Guide to the Survival Guide” is essential reading with an excellent glossary and introduction to a world of elites and signage for the journey.

Part Two “Lessons for climbing to the top” provides excellent advice on the reality at the top, in addition on how to learn, reflect, survive and many more tips.

Part Three “Big Questions” poses a key question “what really makes us want to reach the top”?  Additionally, it identifies reflections on the journey to the top, in the context of many scenarios, including, society, organisations and change.

“Elites” is a remarkable book, providing excellent and unique guidance for any student, apprentice, or would be executive who is seeking a route to the “top”. Equally, the book allows those at the “top” to reflect on their journeys and souls, and consider more effective routes to organisational change. Unlike many management authors, Douglas Board provides an extraordinary perspective of the hidden and unspoken aspects of the journey to the top of many organisations.

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