Risky Business: Unlocking Unconscious Bias in Decisions

Date(s) - 26/10/2016
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Notary Co UK Ltd.


For our next meeting, the book selected is “Risky Business: Unlocking Unconscious Bias in Decisions, by Mark Withers who will join us to discuss his book.

Mark Withers is the founder of Mightywaters, an HR and OD Consultancy.  He has over 30 years experience of helping organisations across a variety of sectors to create a performance edge through people. Mark is the joint author of  “Risky Business: Unlocking Unconscious Bias in Decisions”, which he wrote with his wife Anna Withers, who also has experience in consultancy, coaching and counselling.  The book deals with decision -making and how unconscious biases can distort our thinking.  Based on research, the authors produced a framework where these biases are embodied into 8 memorable characters that help us to avoid pitfalls and make better decisions.  A practical book for leaders and managers!  To find out more, please come along to our next event on Wednesday 26 October, and meet Mark for a lively discussion on his book

Publisher for Risky Business: Libri Publishing, 2016, 280pp., ISBN 978-19098-1798,


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