How to be a Brilliant Thinker: Exercise Your Mind and Find Creative Solutions

Author: Paul Sloane

Date book discussed: 21 November 2023

Review by: Mae Keary

Instead of the sameness of thinking, which we all fall into, we need to look afresh and explore new possibilities, as this book invites us to do, with a gradual introduction to different kinds of thinking.  Apparently, convergent thinking is our normal state, as we examine, criticize, and analyse what we hear or read.

As an alternative, we should embrace divergent thinking, which involves moving away from the core subject in a spread of directions.  The book highlights the difference between convergent and divergent thinking, in addition it encourages us to become more creative and effective in our thinking habits.

Chapters are short, but all of them practical in this workbook, as they equip us with those skills that are essential for life.  Look particularly at the chapters that deal with; improving your conversation and listening skills; boosting your creativity and learning how to think critically. Those and other interesting topics could help you to achieve your goal of becoming a brilliant thinker.  Additionally, there are a range of exercises to be carried out, with extensive use of diagrams, puzzles, memory jogging suggestions, plus copious notes and references to follow-up.

Paul’s book is designed to motivate and improve our thinking habits, and because it is written so wittily, you are drawn into the book.  It is likely to benefit all levels of readers, personal and professional, and to direct you into new and improved modes of thinking.

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