Humane Capital: how to create a management shift to transform performance and profit

Author – Vlatka Hlupic

Book discussed, 9 April 2019

Review by, Nanette Young

We read and discussed Vlatka’s book “The Management Shift “ in 2015, her latest book “Humane Capital” sign posts leaders, to further giant steps, on the road to the successful organisation.

Many governments and businesses would find “Humane Capital” excellent guidance for solving the productivity dilemma. The seven reflection points at the end of each section of the book are practical “aide memoires” for busy leaders.

Part I of the book confirms that the traditional business model is broken and provides insights into aspects of a radically changing world and the impact on organisations.

Part II records and illustrates successful “Humane Capital” strategies across a wide range of industry sectors and diverse organisations.

Part III includes the evidence and data to support workplace transformation, utilising the “Humane Capital” model and clearly demonstrates successful approaches for delivering value from “Humane Capital”.

Another excellent book from Vlatka Hlupic and recommended to leaders (and readers) seeking to design and deliver effective and valuable organisational change.

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