Lateral Thinking for Every Day: Extraordinary Solutions to Ordinary Problems

Author: Paul Sloane

Date book discussed: 4 July 2023

Review by: Mae Keary

This a book that challenges the mind and helps in the solving of everyday problems.  It is a refresher and reminder of how to engage our minds to produce radical results for solving problems.

Paul’s style of writing is helpful to the reader, as he uses short chapters to illustrate the use of lateral thinking in all aspects of work and multiple situations.  He examines the dangers of conformity, group think and conventional thinking in decision making, and shows how thinking outside the box can produce interesting results.

For business needs, the book introduces useful case studies and examples from lateral thinking approaches used at work, in society, historically, and everyday applications.  He describes the various lateral thinking tools, practical tips, challenges, puzzles, and ways that helps you to apply powerful reasoning techniques.  These are all provided to help you open your minds to a different way to solve problems.

Paul suggests that we should not be afraid to ask dumb questions (p 27), as it may lead to brilliant ideas that allows you to gain fresh insights for creative solutions.  The book is at times witty, thought-provoking, and frustrating, but it has something for everyone.  It is practical and easy to read, with quite clever challenges for the aspiring creative thinker.  

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