Strategy Journeys: A guide to effective strategic planning

AuthorDavid Booth

Book discussed – 17 July 2018

Reviewby Nanette Young

Within the introduction of this book, the author, David Booth, states “one formative experience that helped define my approach to strategic planning is talking and listening to people” and this experience is reiterated to great extent, as you take a fascinating strategy journey through his book.

Starting with “What” in Part I, the author provides a brief but informative history of strategic planning, and then quickly proceeds to demystify the subject. 

The “journey” through the book is well sign posted and directs you to “making sense” at the heart of strategic planning. The graphical illustrations at the “heart” clearly demonstrate the principal activities associated with strategic planning and the responsibilities of organisational leadership. 

Clear logic is validated, and practical advice given in Part II: “How to develop a strategic plan”, which considers the complexities of leading organisations. Additionally, the diversity of the case studies in this section and throughout the book, demonstrate why different organisations develop strategic plans.

Part III: “What makes an effective strategic plan”? emphasises and illustrates the criticality of stakeholder engagement, implementation and the review of strategic plans, bringing the intriguing journey (and the book) to a successful end.

Strategy Journeys “A Guide to Effective Strategic Planning” is an informative and practical handbook for organisational leaders seeking to dispel the myths of strategic planning and create successful organisations.

A great read and journey!

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