Andrew Parrock

What Philosophy Can Teach You about Being a Better Leader

Authors – Alison Reynolds, Dominic Houlder, Jules Goddard and David Lewis Book discussed – 21 January 2020 Review by – Andrew Parrock Modern workplaces are dehumanised with people only being treated as ‘resources.’ The authors turn to moral philosophy, which seeks to understand what is ‘good’ for human beings; meaning that which allows people to…

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Inclusive Talent Management: how business can thrive in an age of diversity

Author – Stephen Frost and Danny KalmanBook discussed, 23 July 2019Review by, Andrew Parrock  This book tells the story of diversity in organisations, how it evolves over time from a ‘box-ticking and quotas’ system imposed on an organisation (diversity 1.0), through a process that could add value, but still needs to be imposed and actively managed…

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Risky Business: unlocking unconscious biases in decisions

Author – Anna Withers and Mark WithersBook discussed – 26 October 2016Review by – Andrew Parrock “Risky Business” provides a practical framework to make us more aware of, and consciously address, over one hundred unconscious thinking biases, so we can make better decisions. It’s easy to dip in and out if you don’t have time to…

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