The Little Black Book of Decision Making: making complex decisions with confidence in a fast-moving world

Author – Michael NicholasBook discussed – 1 May 2018Review by – Mae Keary A very impressive book about transforming your decision-making; the story that unfolds is definitely thought provoking. It is a stimulating read, which provides the reader with new insights into thinking differently in order to solve new problems. The book is in 3 distinct…

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Risky Business: unlocking unconscious biases in decisions

Author – Anna Withers and Mark WithersBook discussed – 26 October 2016Review by – Andrew Parrock “Risky Business” provides a practical framework to make us more aware of, and consciously address, over one hundred unconscious thinking biases, so we can make better decisions. It’s easy to dip in and out if you don’t have time to…

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