Nanette Young

Humane Capital: how to create a management shift to transform performance and profit

Author – Vlatka Hlupic Book discussed, 9 April 2019 Review by, Nanette Young We read and discussed Vlatka’s book “The Management Shift “ in 2015, her latest book “Humane Capital” sign posts leaders, to further giant steps, on the road to the successful organisation. Many governments and businesses would find “Humane Capital” excellent guidance for…

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Strategy Journeys: A guide to effective strategic planning

Author – David Booth Book discussed – 17 July 2018 Review – by Nanette Young Within the introduction of this book, the author, David Booth, states “one formative experience that helped define my approach to strategic planning is talking and listening to people” and this experience is reiterated to great extent, as you take a…

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Building a Culture of Innovation: a practical framework for placing innovation at the core of your business

Author – Chris Beswick, Derek Bishop, Jo GeraghtyBook discussed – 2 May 2017Review by – Nanette Young The authors of this book have experience of implementing innovation in organisations from a range of business perspectives, including change management, customer service and product design and this is revealed throughout this excellent book. Utilising the key six-stage framework…

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