The Little Black Book of Decision Making: making complex decisions with confidence in a fast-moving world

Author Michael Nicholas
Book discussed 1 May 2018
Review by Mae Keary

A very impressive book about transforming your decision-making; the story that unfolds is definitely thought provoking. It is a stimulating read, which provides the reader with new insights into thinking differently in order to solve new problems.

The book is in 3 distinct parts, progressing from simple to complicated and, finally, to complex systems. These illustrate various approaches in making good decisions, from the predictability and stability of the industrial age model of business to the more volatile and ambiguous environment of today.

Within these parts, 10 chapters each address a principle that is critical to developing decision-making capabilities relevant to the future. Familiar case studies are used for illustration, which cleverly introduce new ideas: these are carefully interwoven into the text. Themes from chapters are reiterated seamlessly.

As the book weaves its story of change and adaptability, based on conscious and unconscious thinking, it really engages one, and offers an excellent learning and training tool. The presentation is good, with easy progress from the simple to the complex, helpful headings and subheadings, tables, models, notes and an index. I would highly recommend this book to managers, decision makers and strategists to update their critical thinking.